My Genome Check
Genetic testing is a starting path to our healthy lives.
We provide assistance to the knowledge of how the DNA, a storage of genetic information descended from the ancestors, can affect our lives.
  • - The knowledge of your genetic information is the basis of living a healthy life.
  • - What you wonder about your body is all in your genes.
Service Introduction

The DNA contains essential information about health, including the cause of diseases, metabolism, drug responses, immunity, and nutrient absorption. Through genetic testing, you can maintain your healthiness and improve your quality of life.
My Genome Check seeks an individual custom service. You can avoid the services that are inappropriate and choose the services that you need.

Why do you have to get genetic tests?

  • Check for Genetic Risks

    Find your weaknesses regarding diseases and make plans for your health.

  • Know Myself

    Check for genetic predispositions that are different from your current health conditions and prepare for well-being.

  • Set the Right Direction in Life

    Check your science-based information customized for a healthy lifestyle.

Main Products (Services)
  • Cancer/Diseases
    Main Test Items: Cancers including stomach cancer, lung cancer, liver cancer, and colorectal cancer, cardiovascular, cerebrovascular, and internal diseases
    Diseases occur due to a combination of environmental factors and genetic factors that are weak to diseases. Checking for risk mutations and regulating controllable environmental factors can delay or protect the disease occurrence. ( 2016. Genetic Risk, Adherence to a Healthy Lifestyle, and Coronary Disease_NEJM)
  • Drug Responses
    Main Test Items: Warfarin, clonidine, metformin, sulfonylureas (antihypertensives, antidiabetic agents, and cancer drugs)
    Drug actions vary among all individuals, including differences in effects and side effects. To maximize the drug effects and avoid the risks of side effects, you can make better choices based on your genomic analysis information. *Professional medical treatments that include anticancer therapies or drug therapies should be only done under the judgement of a professional.
  • Child/Adolescent
    Main Test Items: Learning aptitude, stress, ADHD, food hyperactivity, memory
    Diseases that may develop while children grow can be scientifically detected. Checking the development or delay in exercising or language and sensitivity to stress can help you safely raise your child.
  • Skin Care
    Main Test Items: Acne, pigmentation, hair loss, skin characteristics
    You can customize your skin care by checking what your genes say about your skin characteristics. A lifestyle for general fitness can keep your skin in a better condition. Managing advices are included based on your genetic information for your healthier skin.
  • Fitness
    Main Test Items: Muscle development ability, sprint ability, risk of ankle injury, grip strength, post-exercise recovery
    Check your genetic information that can affect fitness including muscle formation, exercising abilities, and injuries. Based on your genetic analysis, you can make a better choice in training methods and achieving your goals.
  • Nutrition
    Main Test Items: Vitamins, coenzyme, calcium, arginine, tyrosine
    Specific types of foods can be a risky factor for individuals. Through food consumption, nutrients are involved in health conditions and disease occurrence by affecting the gene expression. Based on the information and nutritional knowledge about your genotype, helpful information is provided for your healthy food consumption.
  • Wellness
    Main Test Items: Obesity, cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar
    Check your genetic information that affects your current health conditions. These items, which relate to tests that are regularly measured, can be helpful in keeping a healthy condition through lifestyle changes for your personal health care.
*These products are designed based on researches verified in Asians. A different race can be insufficient to bring positive results when applying lifestyles based on the analysis results.
**The clinical significance of this test's results is not established, and the objective validity for the use of any actions for health based on this test is insufficient. In addition, ethical issues may arise if this test is conducted on 'healthy people (children)'.